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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Peter Roth,

Hope you're well. I read your review of the Magico Q1 and am considering buying them. I currently use Ayre Acoustics' DX-5/KX-R/MX-Rs.

1. My room is 13' x 19'. Do you feel the Q1 is too small?

2. How did they mate with the MX-R amplifiers?

3. Did you use them for two-channel for movies?


At the cutting edge of stand-mounted speakers, only the two-way Raidho D1 and the three-way TAD CR-1 are contenders in the same arena as the Magico Q1. All deserve consideration, and all can fill a room your size with aplomb and strength, if not subterranean bass. The Q1, with electronics identical to yours (mated perfectly to the MX-Rs, by the way), had no trouble energizing my 15' x 15' room (music only in my Compact Reference System). Frankly, I could argue that these two-way speakers are the best examples of what Magico and Raidho can do. The TAD CR-1s I heard at CES, partnered with Ayre's new AX-5 integrated, sounded fantastic in a room somewhat bigger than yours, and provide more bass energy than the other two -- they are larger, three-way speakers.

Unless you are committed to a stand-mounted speaker, however, you may want to consider the floorstanding Magico S1, which apparently plumbs lower than the Q1 (larger interior volume), is quite a bit cheaper, comes in a breadth of colors, and has most of the resolution of its Q-series brother. Finally, as wonderful as the Q1s were in my room with the Ayre gear, I purchased the floorstanding Vivid Audio Giya G3s I reviewed earlier this year (and which I now enjoy for hours a day). . . . Peter Roth