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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz

Given your experiences with several Rockport speakers (thanks for all the excellent write-ups), can you share your thoughts on the [Avior and Aquila]?

Looks like I can get them roughly at the same price currently, and I only have some limited experience with Aquila and Altair (amazing!).


To cut to the chase, I'd go with the newer model. The Avior uses the latest driver technology from Rockport and that would certainly make the choice easy for me. Although I know that big 13" woofer is enticing in the Aquila, I've no doubt that the bass response on the Avior would be comparable, despite the smaller driver. Although a loudspeaker's performance is certainly a result of the entire design -- cabinet, drivers, crossover, wiring, etc. -- the drivers are what ultimately translate the electrical into the acoustical. It is always impressive to me when a loudspeaker company has the engineering expertise to actually design the drive units themselves -- a very good sign. In this case, the Avior's mids and woofers are the first drivers wholly designed by Andy Payor. He's told me that these drivers are super low in distortion and very linear, and what I've heard from the Avior serves only to confirm that. So go with the Avior and don’t look back. . . . Jeff Fritz