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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

I am an owner of this stuff:

1. Sources: Clearaudio Maximum Solution / SME V / Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement; McIntosh MCD1100 CD/Blu-ray player
2. Amps: McIntosh MC2301 300W tube amplifiers
3. Preamp: McIntosh C1000C/C1000T
4. Room-correction system: McIntosh MEN220
5. Cables: Atlas Asimi silver cables
6. Speakers: Wilson Audio MAXX 2

I am quite happy with this system, but I am missing something in the presentation. At the end of the day, the sound is not as accurate as I would like. I like a lot of punch, but there is something “unnatural” (that I cannot/do not know how to define) in the final presentation. I would like to ask you if changing the speaker for Magico would improve the sound. My first option was to upgrade to Wilson Audio MAXX 3 or even Alexandria X2 Series 2, but now I have doubts since the sound could be similar (with some improvements) and I would have to spend a large amount of money.

The other option is go through Magico and try another totally different option. My listening room is about 50 square meters. What is your opinion about that? Thank you very much in advance.


Your statement that the sound is not as accurate as you would like resonates with me. Years ago, I owned Wilson speakers -- the original X2 -- but eventually moved on to speakers that were more resolving, more transparent, and yes, more accurate, at least to my ears. From that point on, I never looked back.

As for Magico -- yes, to me their speakers are much better than the Wilson speakers. Frankly, even the S5, at much less money than a MAXX 3 or, for goodness sake, an X2, would be a much better choice. Moving up to one of the Magico Q-series speakers -- either the Q5 or the mighty Q7 -- would yield huge improvements in every respect. I would find a Magico dealer where you can hear at least two models, if not three, so that you can get the full measure of the brand. My guess is that once you do that, you'll take a similar path to the one I took and move on from the Wilson brand. Please do let me know what you eventually choose to do. . . . Jeff Fritz