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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

I very much appreciate your reviews, but I am in search of a dream speaker. I have listened to several models and I have chosen seven for [further] evaluation:

Marten Coltrane Tenor
Rockport Technologies Avior
TAD E-1 or Compact Reference
Magico Q3
Wilson Audio Alexia
YG Acoustics Hailey

Right now I have Infinity speakers with Karan Acoustics electronics in a room that is 40 square meters.

Best Regards,

The world of superspeakers is fraught with potential disaster for consumers, as there is simply so much variability between products at what are sometimes crazy price points. I therefore appreciate your letter and the fact that you are trying to narrow down your choices to a reasonable few. I'll start by saying that your list is pretty good, overall.

Those who have read this site for any period of time know full well that I am partial to Rockport and Magico. I won’t rehash all the reasons here, but suffice to say that I believe those brands offer a unique combination of super-high performance and outstanding build quality that combines in products that truly live up to their exalted prices. You can't go wrong with either.

I also think listening to the TADs and YGs would be a good idea. I think those brands have some good things to offer, though I would put them below the other two mentioned above by a couple of notches. I'm not partial to Wilson or Marten, so I would subtract them from the list.

I would also add Vivid Audio to your list. Their speakers, though they look quite different, are all about great sound quality. I also know the brand is very, very reputable. If you like the visual design of the speakers, they are worthy of an audition along with the others. . . . Jeff Fritz