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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Howard Kneller,

I read your review of the Synergistic Research Element cables with great interest. I am interested in either the Copper or Tungsten speaker cables for my Magnepan 3.7s. If I understood correctly, you found the Copper to be a bit overwhelming in the bass, but I have heard from another guy who compared the two cables that the Copper has a warmer, more harmonic midrange, and would be a better match with my Magnepans. Perhaps the edgy highs you mentioned would not be that great with the ribbon tweeters. What are your thoughts on all this?

When I purchased my ICs I was hesitating between Accelerator and Precision Reference and at that time you recommended that I get either the Accelerator, which I bought, or the Apex (too expensive). If memory serves, you said that the Precision Reference was a bit too analytical and cold for your taste. I was wondering if the Tungsten has a similar sonic signature or if they are warmer sounding? Not easy to get the right cables. Your input would be highly appreciated.


I don't think I said that the Precision Reference cable was too cold and analytical. It really depends on the application. I used those interconnects for a number of years with great results. It just depends on where you place the cable and the particular equipment that you have. But you are very right -- it is sometimes difficult to get just what you are looking for in a cable.

The beauty of the new Element cables is that you get the cable that fits your budget. You can always use the Enigma Bullets to tune the sound of your system to match your tastes and equipment. If you are choosing between the Element Copper and Tungsten, I would suggest going with the latter, so long as it is within your budget. I do not think you will regret it. As you move up the line, you will get more detail, holographic images, and refinement. I venture to think that either would be good, but that the Tungsten would be revelatory. Of course, there is simply no substitute for trying each cord in your system. . . . Howard Kneller