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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

We exchanged e-mails several months ago in reference to the Rockport Technologies Mira II, which you have been very positive about. It seems that the new Atria has really improved upon the Mira II in several areas. If you heard this model at CES, could you briefly reply with your impressions?

Also, in your “Virtual System 1,” can you identify the rack (plywood-like shelves with aluminum or stainless support columns) that the Calyx Femto is sitting upon?

Thank you,

Unfortunately, I cannot identify the rack in the photo. Sorry about that. But I can tell you that the Atria is a far better speaker than the Mira II. There is no question that in terms of resolution and transparency the Atria is much better -- superior drivers will do that, and the Atria is better equipped in that regard. That was easy to hear at CES, though I do not think the room was ideal.

From what I have been told by Andy Payor, the Atria’s cabinet is also a bit more elaborate than the Mira’s, which is likely imparting an even cleaner wave launch for its drivers. Although what I heard at CES was impressive, I can’t wait to hear the Atrias with some good solid-state amplification and my music server. I want to put these speakers through their paces in the worst way. . . . Jeff Fritz