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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

I have an Antelope Zodiac Gold [DAC] with Voltikus [power supply] into a pair of Genesis M60 monos driving Von Schweikert UniField 3s.

Do you think replacing the Gold and the Genesis monos with the Hegel H300 would make any improvements to my system?


Hard to say. The Hegel Music Systems H300 is one heck of an amplifier and the built-in DAC section is really stellar from what I've been told by GoodSound! senior editor Hans Wetzel. The Hegel has the advantage of being designed as a DAC/preamp/amp "system" and there are definitely some advantages to that type of approach. On the other hand, the electronics that you currently have do indeed enjoy a fine reputation as well. If they had a lesser pedigree I would, no doubt, be fairly quick to tell you to go for the Hegel. But in this case what you have is really, really good. So, in my mind the proposition is a toss-up. I could see it being a very close comparison and the outcome going either way depending on the speakers and your personal tastes. Sorry I could not be more definitive for you. . . . Jeff Fritz