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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Garrett Hongo,

I regret not having met you this last AXPONA, but I didn't want to disturb you as were deep in enjoyment in the Border Patrol room. I see you have upgraded to the Von Schweikert VR-44 from your VR-5HSEs. I may just follow suit. I have acquired a pair of YG Acoustics Carmels and find them to be the best speaker I have had, within their limitations.

I was hoping to tap into your experience regarding the TW-Acustic table. I own a Raven AC and 10.5 arm (based on your review). I have ordered a set of Black Knight feet from Jeff Catalano. He felt these are the best, but let's face it, he is a little biased. Have you heard these footers on your 'table? And how do they compare to the Stillpoints? I was wondering where you purchased your Stillpoints feet, so I could try them as well for comparison.

Are those the Stillpoints SS and Mini-SS on the motor that you are using? Do you recall the adapters that were needed.

I'm currently using a Dynavector XV-1S and perhaps will try a Lyra Titan i, or maybe even an Atlas -- if the analog gods are willing. The system is all Manley: Steelhead, 300B preamp, and 250 monoblock amps.

Thank you kindly for your help,

PK Das

Nice to hear from you again. And, my, how your system has grown!

I myself do like the Von Schweikert VR-44 Aktives very much. They are excellent for me.

As for the TW-Acustic 'table and its feet, I have the new Stillpoints Ultra and like them. They were a nice upgrade from the old Stillpoints, focusing images within the soundstage much better, creating nice upticks in resolution, soundstage depth, and adding cleanness and precision in attack transients, lengthening decay transients. In short, the Ultras increased dimensionality and clarity all around. As a reviewer, I purchased mine directly from Stillpoints. The Black Knight footers I haven't tried, but Jeff Catalano of High Water Sound, the TW-Acustic importer, absolutely knows what he is doing. But I haven't tried the Black Knight footers in my own rig, so I can't compare them with the Stillpoints Ultras.

I am using the Stillpoints Mini-SS on the motor. The size of the Mini-SS adapters was M4. The size of the Ultra adapters was 1/4-20.

You've made excellent choices regarding your system. For a cartridge, I think the Dynavector XV-1S is pretty near the top of the heap. And I like the Manley electronics too, especially the Steelhead and Neo-Classic 250 monos. I'm not as familiar with the 300B preamp. . . . Garrett Hongo