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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

I am a bit surprised you have left the Usher Be-718 bookshelf speaker off your list ["What I'd Buy: Loudspeakers Under $15,000"]. I have owned a pair and they were simply amazing (I was a fool for selling them). I believe they would be as good as anything up to about $10k!

And also the Usher S-520. I have a pair playing now and I believe those are the best value in audio since the NAD 3020B amplifier!

Paul Skillicorn

My list of loudspeakers is not all-inclusive -- there are certainly some really good models out there that did not make my list. Remember, though, that these are the speakers that I would personally buy. Therefore, to make the list I must have some familiarity with the product, obviously. The brands and models that I list in my article I have come to know and appreciate for their quality, and I would not blink an eye if a family member or close friend chose to buy a model that I recommended.

At this point I just can't say that about Usher. I'm glad you enjoy your speakers, but we -- meaning any SoundStage! Network writer -- have not reviewed an Usher speaker for quite some time and so I'm really not sure just what the company is producing these days. Frankly, I'm not even familiar with their current product line. Perhaps this will change in the future. I'd love to hear a current model from the company to see if my ears would agree with yours. There's always room for a follow-up article after all! . . . Jeff Fritz