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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

Please, can you advise me on my system?

It consists of the Audio Research Reference 210 power amps, the Reference 5 preamp, and I have just purchased a dCS front end, although I believe that you are not that keen on it.

I am thinking of purchasing Magico Q7s, however, as you are aware, they are a substantial investment and I cannot afford to get it wrong. My room dimensions are 4.5m x 6.2m.

I have listened to them numerous times at the dealer and find them amazing and have fallen in love with them. But I would appreciate your advice, or any other speaker that you may suggest.

I have listened to the Q5 as well, but was not that impressed -- but that was at a different dealer. I used to own the Wilson Sasha, but they also never worked for me and I'm not sure why. Thank you.


Your room is on the smallish side at roughly 15' x 20' for a speaker the size of the Q7, but I still do believe it might work out just fine. The sealed design seems to avoid speaker-generated fat, bloated bass at all costs. Will it exacerbate any room modes? Surely you'll have to work with positioning -- as you would with any full-range speaker -- and room treatment would certainly be a wise investment.

Still, if you are looking for the highest-resolution speaker available, the Q7 is it. It topped my list of speakers that I would personally buy over $15,000/pair. I really can't say much more about it. You've no doubt read my review of the Q7 and my opinion has not changed a bit.

Regarding dCS, I actually do think they make some of the finest digital gear available. I used the Debussy as a reference for a year and a half and never wanted for more. My issue is the pricing, particularly the Vivaldi line. I have a hard time understanding how you can spend $35,000 for a DAC and still need a separate $14,000 clock and $20,000 upsampler to get the best sound out of it. To me that just seems insane. . . . Jeff Fritz