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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

In your picks for speakers you would choose at $15k and under, here are three very worthy additions that fully compete with cost-no-object designs:

Legacy Focus HD and SE ($9k-$10k): Dollar-for-dollar, it may be the best value in all of high-end audio.

Legacy Signature SE ($6k): Similar to Focus in that it's an absolute full-range speaker for the audiophile without the sheer space for a larger speaker such as the Focus models.

Legacy Classic HD ($4k-$5k): Incredibly resolving loudspeaker that is on par with speakers such as Wilson Sashas, Aerial 20T, etc.

I think if you listen to any of these three speakers you would agree. I enjoy your writing!

Terry Hetzel

Certainly a strong endorsement! I'd love to review one of these models and will contact the company and show them your letter. . . . Jeff Fritz