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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

I just finished your review of the Bel Canto multi-box DAC system. Nice review -- I thought it described the pieces to a T. I recently bought the Bel Canto system for many of the same reasons stated in your review.

I had a chance to directly compare the Bel Canto and the dCS Debussy, and while the Debussy may have been a hair better, the Bel Canto was more flexible and fit better in my situation. The deciding factor was the ST link between the DAC and the USB converter. I can now have my computer and music storage in another room and link them with a very long optical connection with no apparent loss of signal. By the way, I purchased a 30m length of duplex cable from a computer supplier for less than $50 and the cable appears to be the same.

I don't have enough DSD material to worry about having that capability just yet, so I felt the Bel Canto was the best option for me. Keep up the good work.