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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

I own a pair of Marten Design Django XL speakers and have enjoyed my time with them. I had heard the Rockport Technologies Mira 2 speakers at Goodwin's High End a while back and thought they sounded fantastic, but ended up going with the Djangos.

Now I am wondering if the Mira 2s would be a better way to go for a little extra of that saturation factor. I know they are discontinued, but I can still get my hands on a pair if I act quickly.

I believe that you have experience with both so I am seeking your opinion on the differences between the two under similar conditions.


I have heard the Marten Django XL loudspeakers ($15,000 USD per pair) under show conditions on a couple of occasions. Frankly, I think the Djangos are the best speaker proposition yet from the Swedish company. They offer more bang for the buck than their higher-priced models, particularly when you factor in the three 8" woofers per cabinet, and we know that the Accuton drivers used in them are quite good.

Still, anyone who reads SoundStage! Ultra knows that I am quite fond of the Rockports, and the original Miras are speakers I reviewed highly. The second version of the Mira improved on the first with a better tweeter and midrange driver -- not inconsequential considerations. I have great confidence that the Mira 2 would improve on the bass response of the Django XL and you would get more saturation, particularly in the midband. You'll hear more "meat on the bones" with the Rockports and, in my experience, that can be a great serum to the sound of ceramic-driver-based loudspeakers.  Let me know how it works out. . . . Jeff Fritz