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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jeff Fritz,

My system consists of a Cary Audio SA-200.2 amplifier, Cary CD 303T SACD player, Audio Research LS26 preamp, and I ordered my new Dynaudio Focus 380 speakers after reading your article. All of my interconnects are Cardas Golden Reference and the mains cords are AudioQuest NRG-10, with NRG-100 for my conditioner, an Isotek EVO3 Solus. I also have my old Linn Basic in excellent condition (I have had it for 35 years), with an Ortofon Rondo Bronze with Chord Dual phono.

Some friends are telling me to change my Linn with a Michell Gyrodec, keeping the same Ortofon and the local dealer of Audio Research is trying to convince me to change my Cary amplifier with the new ARC DS225 for synergy purposes. I would appreciate your opinion on any improvements. Thank you for your time.

Regards from Greece,

I can't give you any advice on the change to your vinyl rig because I do not have a turntable or any experience with them. On the amplifier front, however, I do have an opinion. I have always advocated that the best place to start when buying a preamp/power amp combo is within the same manufacturer's products. I think your dealer is generally right that there normally exists a synergy within a line of which you should take advantage. There are some exceptions -- like when you have a really tough speaker to drive and need a specific amp for it but do not want to give up a really special tube preamp you own. But since that is not the case here, I would ask your dealer if you could borrow a DS225 when your new Dynaudios arrive and try the combination out. I suspect you'll really like what you hear. Congrats on the speakers too, they are very good. . . . Jeff Fritz