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Gryphon Diablo 300

To Jason Thorpe,

I enjoyed your review of the Verity Audio Amadis and am contemplating selling my Dynaudio Confidence C1 Mk. II speakers in order to buy a demo pair. Understanding that my minimonitors are only $8k/pr. versus a $32k/pr. speaker, will the Amadis blow away the Dyns in their operating range from 45Hz-20kHz? The C1s have been called world class within their realm of operation. I would be running the Veritys with the Conrad-Johnson GAT preamp and LP140 monoblock amps, along with a McCormack transport and SMc Audio Ultra DAC. All cabling is Magnan Signature. My Dyn dealer is trying to talk me into Wilson Sashas instead, but my C-J amps only put out 140W, which may not quite drive the Sashas. They would certainly drive the 93dB, 8-ohm Veritys nicely. Hoping the pairing will be spectacular!


First off, I have no experience with the Dynaudios, so I can't address that area of your query.

However, Your C-J amps would most likely be an incredible match for the Amadis speakers. The Veritys just love tube power, and I think that the C-J amps' character would match in the best possible way with these speakers.

With regard to the Sashas as a possible competitor, you couldn't be looking at two more diametrically opposed sounds and camps. If you like the Amadis sound, you'd hate the Wilsons, and vice versa. Personally, I've never really heard a pair of Wilsons that I've liked. They seem to me to be very bright and spitty, and in all of my shows and auditions it seems like people are very busily talking themselves into liking the sound because they're Wilsons. But maybe that's just me.

At any rate, if I could afford my own pair of Amadis speakers, let me assure you that they would be in the top three of my retirement choices. They're speakers you won't get tired of. . . . Jason Thorpe