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To Jeff Fritz,

I just read your informative article on the Dynaudio Confidence C2 loudspeaker. One question though: How does it compare to the Magico S1 loudspeaker?

Eugene Everson
United States

There are actually a number of areas in which the Dynaudio Confidence C2 and Magico S1 are similar. Both have what I would describe as a neutral tonal balance, in the sense that there are no obvious colorations that over the long term would be annoying, or lead you to pick one type of music to play over them versus another. Neither speaker is at all bright sounding, and both speakers will play lower in the bass than you would imagine by simply looking at the driver complements and cabinet sizes.

Still, there are differences that might make you prefer one over the other. The Dynaudio has the advantage of having two midrange-woofers and two tweeters, which will allow it to play a touch louder in environments where maximum SPLs are needed. For example, I would pick the Dynaudio in a home-theater environment for just this reason. The soft-dome tweeter is also preferred by some listeners as well, due to its more polite nature in the very highest highs. On the other hand, the Magico is the more resolving speaker, allowing more detail to come through, which, for example, gives the listener a more thorough accounting of ambient details in live recordings. The Magico will also have an advantage in terms of articulation in the midrange and bass -- it is simply a more agile loudspeaker. Some would consider this a trait of the Magico's sealed bass alignment versus the Dynaudio's ported configuration, though many would dismiss this assertion. And, finally, the aluminum Magico has a clear advantage in the build-quality department, which is indicated by its greater weight per channel versus the lighter-but-larger MDF-based Dynaudio.

Overall, you've picked two really good floorstanders from two good companies that each know loudspeaker design through and through. Although only thorough listening sessions with each will allow you to really know for sure which model you prefer, I can say with confidence that you can't go wrong with either speaker. . . . Jeff Fritz