Price: $1690 per 2.5M

Design: Siltech’s Classic Legend 380D USB cable shares all the same technology as the 680L speaker cables and the 680P power cord, including a ninth-generation silver-gold alloy conductor, complemented by PEEK and Teflon insulation. The cable’s materials and build quality, as with all the other Classic Legend cables I use in my system, are beyond reproach.


Why I chose it: While Siltech specifically sent me the 680L speaker cables for review, they also sent along the 380D USB cable for use in my system during the review period. I was dubious about its potential improvements to my system’s sound, but I’m glad I remained open-minded because the 380D does genuinely sound better than the more affordable USB cables I’d used in my system previously. The 380D allowed music to breathe a bit better, and it seemed to untether the soundstage from my loudspeakers with a touch more ease, while also improving spatial definition between the various components of each recording. The improvements, while subtle, were impossible to part with once I discerned them.

. . . Hans Wetzel