VimbergNote the aluminum mounting rings to which the woofers are affixed.

VimbergThe tweeter and midrange drivers are mounted in an aluminum subbaffle that must be . . .

Vimberg. . . perfectly fitted to the cabinet proper, so that . . .

Vimberg. . . the joins are precise.

VimbergThe midrange driver is mounted to the aluminum subbaffle . . .

Vimberg. . . with machine screws.

VimbergThe woofers are affixed to the aluminum mounting rings in the same fashion -- no wood screws here.

VimbergThe Vimberg badge is applied to . . .

Vimberg. . . the bottom front of the cabinet.

VimbergThe crossover, mounted on a thick baseplate, is . . .

Vimberg. . . inserted in a subcompartment in the cabinet’s base.

VimbergVimberg speakers come standard with Argento binding posts.