Price: $2710 per 2.5M

Design: Siltech’s Classic Legend 680P power cord shares all the same technology as the 680L speaker cables and the 380D USB link, including a ninth-generation silver-gold alloy conductor, complemented by PEEK and Teflon insulation. The cable’s materials and build quality are superb.


Why I chose it: In for a penny, in for a pound, right? The Siltech Classic Legend 680P power cord offered, to my ears at least, the subtlest improvement to my system’s sound of all the Classic Legend cables and cords I ran in my system while reviewing the Classic Legend 680L speaker cables. Swapping out my old power cord for the very heavy 680P—you get lots and lots of silver for your hard-earned dollars—brought a slight improvement in noise and perceived “blackness.” Backgrounds seemed a little quieter, allowing for both more impressive spatial cues on expansive recordings and improved contrast of fine details, which appear to jump from recordings with greater urgency and clarity. Plus, yet again, Siltech’s 680P looks and feels the part. Wanting for once to set my system up the right way, I’m glad I completed the tapestry of Siltech cables by plumping for the Classic Legend 680P. Details matter, and my system has never sounded better than with the Siltech cord in play.

. . . Hans Wetzel